Who we are

A family business, formed in a joint venture spanning from Maryland to Southern Virginia, “Jahnell’s Closet” started in memory and honor of our beloved Jahnell. She was known as the fashionista of the family and was a very special daughter, mother, and sister to us all. Her persona was very influential along with her style which was admired by most.

Jahnell’s Closet provides authentic, innovative, and accessible luxury products to a variety of consumers.  Our goal is to implement an alternative to traditional shopping through eCommerce, which delivers directly to the consumers.

Our overall vision as an online fashion store is to make apparel more affordable, accessible, and liberating, for everyone.  We aspire to expand beyond our home market to a worldwide market and spread our dream across the globe.  Motivated and inspired by our rich heritage of hard workers and the desire to present others with a new and better way to shop for the clothes everyone wants, we are excited about the limitless opportunities to come in the future!